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Radiography - RT

We offer In-house and field portable X-ray and gamma ray services, Digital or Conventional.


Through our commitment to quality and integrity, and the knowledge and skill of our highly trained and experienced technicians, we will get the job done for you safely and efficiently.


Contact us today to let us show you how choosing Redhill NDT to support your Industrial Radiography needs can benefit you. 





Conventional film

Redhill NDT can provide a variety of radiographic services for an array of applications and industries. Gamma sources and X-ray inspection methods are used for:

·        Profile radiography - For in-service weld and material inspection to determine the extent of corrosion/erosion

·        Newly fabricated field and piping welds - Efficient inspection of large volumes of components. Code compliant inspection (ASME Section V for pressure vessels, ASME B31.1 and B31.3 for piping, API 1104 for pipelines and more.)

·        Investment castings and heavy wall vessel inspection.



 Computed Radiography CR

Computed Radiography (CR) offers significant advantages by providing clients a digital radiograph that can result in significant improvements in radiographic inspection productivity as well as faster identification of defects. 

CR uses the same radiation producing devices as with conventional radiography. However, instead of using conventional silver based film, a digital imaging plate is placed under the object to be examined and exposed. The imaging plate is run through a special laser scanner which digitizes the image. The digital image can be viewed on a computer screen and can be enhanced using processing software, such as contrast, brightness, filtration and zooming.

Other advantages of CR inspection include:

·        The images can be readily shared, e-mailed and stored electronically by anyone needing reliability information for the equipment.

·        The imaging plates practically eliminate re-shots by providing a greater range over which exposures can be useful.

·        Significant exposure reductions

·        Reduction of exposure times when using IR 192

·        Similar or better results are obtained when utilizing Se 75, Co60 and   X-rays

·        Highly reproducible

·        Data is stored for future comparison or audit

·        No need to use or dispose of chemicals, film or heavy metals from film processing


Call or contact us to find out more, and schedule your inspection today.

Conventional Film Radiography (RT)
Computed Radiography (CR)
Computed Radiography (CR)
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