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Ultrasonic - UT

We perform In house and filed evaluation of welds as well as thickness and corrosion checks.  We either will determine the correct techniques to use for each situation, or work with your engineering team to gather specific information they need in accordance with approved procedures.


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Straight Beam


Common Equipment and material inspected include:

·      Pressure welds and vessels (ASME Section V)

·      Piping (ASME B31.1 and B31.3)

·      Pipelines (API 1104)

·      Storage Tanks (API 650/653)

·      Bolts, Shafts and Tubes


Advantages include:

·      Some capabilities of determining the size, orientation and nature of internal flaws.

·      High penetrating power for detection of defects deep in the material

·      Only one surface needs to be accessible

Representation of Ultrasonic straight beam technique
Shear Wave


Our UTT measures remaining wall thickness on piping, pressure vessels, storage tanks and other materials, and can be used to scan bolts, shafts and raw materials for imperfections. A straight beam is directed at the test piece and, utilizing the round trip time for the ultra- sonic energy, the distance to the flaw is displayed in thousandths of an inch. On UT units with A-scan, the display will show multiple flaws at different depths.

To determine the extent of internal and/or external corrosion/erosion in process piping and pressure vessels

Represtation of ultrasonic shear wave or angle beam technique

Call or contact us to find out more, or to schedule your inspection today.

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