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At Redhill NDT, NDT training instruction will be from an experienced, certified NDT Level III, with expertise in the methods taught.  NDT training courses will satisfy the training hours needed in accordance with SNT-TC-1A.


The NDT Training curriculum covers the NDT method equipment, consumables, procedures, and applications. Students are thoroughly educated in the applicable NDT process.

All formal training sessions fulfill the qualification requirements as defined by ASNT SNT-TC-1a. In conjunction with traditional classroom instruction, we provide hands-on training and demonstrations to promote and enhance the understanding and retention of usable NDT skills.


Redhill NDT can also provide optional on-site follow-up to your student’s classroom training. A certified Level 3’s can work with you or your staff in your facility to assure that the knowledge acquired by our services is constructively applied to your NDT process. Effective, value added, contemporary NDT Training. Training courses can also be delivered at client's location, depending on the number of students and trainers availability.


NDT Training Course List (Level I & Level II):

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